SIO Creates Awareness about RTE Act in Maharashtra through ‘Shiksha ka Hak Abhiyan’

SIO Maharashtra North Zone ran ‘Shiksha ka Hak Abhiyan’ from March 7 to 17 to create awareness among people about the RTE Act, help people avail its benefits, ensure proper enforcement of the act and critically analyse the issues and challenges in its implementation.

UGC’s ‘Unhistorical’ History Syllabus an Attempt at Saffronisation of Education: SIO

University Grants Commission’s (UGC) new learning outcome-based curriculum for BA History is a blatant attempt at saffronisation of syllabus and distortion of history.

‘Muslim Hain to Dawat Dein’: SIO Campaign to Focus on Presenting True Message of Islam

The campaign was launched with a round table meeting of Islamic scholars belonging to various schools of thought in Hyderabad. They spoke about the need and importance of Dawah work.

‘Sorry State of Education in India Palpable’: Educationists Express Concern at SIO Meet

At this meeting, prominent educationists and intellectuals discussed various topics such as National Education Policy (NEP) and its implementation, the status of government schools and education sector in India in general and Telangana in specific, scientific temperament in education as well as pedagogy and psychology of teaching.

SIO seeks action against Rajasthan textbooks linking Islam with terrorism

SIO Sawai Madhopur Unit, along with other social organisations, have demanded action against those responsible for Islamophobic content in a Rajasthan Government textbook as well as a reference book published by a private publisher.

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