ASER highlights a concerning gap in foundational skills among Indian students

by | Jan 26, 2024

The Annual Status of Education Report – 2023 (ASER) highlights a concerning gap in foundational skills among Indian students (14-18 years) despite increased years of schooling. Approximately 25% struggle with basic reading, and over 50% of students face challenges in Grade 5 level arithmetic. This deficit undermines the efficacy of skilling programs.

ASER emphasises urgent pedagogic reforms to alleviate academic pressures on students. Leveraging the widespread use of smartphones in rural areas (95% households), it presents an opportunity to create flexible, accessible classrooms. There is a lack of clear guidance for students when it comes to making decisions about their future. One out of every five youths was unable to name any type of work or job that they aspired to, according to the ASER report. And the proportion of youth who are currently not enrolled in school or college rises with age, from 3.9% of 14-year-olds to 10.9% of 16-year-olds and 32.6% of 18-year-olds.

SIO demands that the government to prioritize education by providing increasing scholarships as financial aid, making the education system flexible, and focusing the curriculum on developing critical thinking. Aligning policies with this commitment is crucial to overcoming existing challenges and enhancing the quality of the education system, thereby empowering the youth with the necessary knowledge, skills, and opportunities.


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