Students Collective Rejects the Implementation of CAA and takes stand on Militarization of Campuses

by | Mar 14, 2024

The Students Collective, a unified front representing student leaders from various universities and organisations, vehemently opposes the recent Gazette notification issued by the Government of India to implement the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) of 2019. Our collective stands firm in its conviction that the CAA is a direct affront to the fundamental spirit of the Indian Constitution.

The decision to grant citizenship based on religious grounds while excluding a major minority, specifically Muslims, strikes at the core principles of equality, secularism, and inclusivity enshrined in our Constitution. By intertwining the implementation of CAA with the National Population Register (NPR) and National Register of Citizens (NRC), the government risks stripping citizenship from vulnerable Muslim minorities. We adamantly oppose any such discriminatory actions.

Moreover, we view the timing of this declaration as nothing short of an election gimmick, designed to polarize communities and sway votes through a divisive communal agenda. It is evident that the government lacks confidence in its “Sabka saat, sabka Vikas, Sabka Viswas” developmental agendas and instead resorts to exploiting communal sentiments for political gain.

Furthermore, even prior to the implementation of CAA, campuses across the nation have witnessed a disturbing militarization, with heavy police and paramilitary presence. Instances of police intrusion into educational institutions and the arbitrary detention of students, as observed in institutions like Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and Delhi University (DU), are deeply concerning. The collusion between campus administrations and law enforcement agencies in targeting students is a blatant violation of democratic principles and student rights.

We firmly reiterate our stance on CAA and seek immediate intervention of all Stakeholders and Concern Citizens to prioritize the protection of constitutional values and the rights of all citizens, irrespective of their religion or background. We call upon all justice-loving countrymen to join us in our steadfast commitment to upholding the secular fabric of our nation and safeguarding the rights and dignity of every individual.


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