Justice for Rohit Vemula

by | May 4, 2024

It has been eight years since Rohith Vemula was suspended, subjected to discrimination, and socially boycotted, ultimately leading to his institutional murder. His tragic fate ignited nationwide protests, with voices raised against Vice-Chancellor Appa Rao, then Education Minister Smriti Irani, and Secunderabad MP Bandaru Dattatreya. These leaders were accused of institutionally marginalizing and discriminating against Rohith Vemula and his friends over their identity as Dalits, and ultimately leading the death of Rohith.

However, the recent closure report by the Telangana Police absolving all accused parties is a grave miscarriage of justice. We stand strongly with the student community in the fight against the Telangana police’s outright anti-Dalit bias. It is imperative to establish a new investigation team to ensure swift and impartial justice.

Rohit Vemula’s memory deserves truth, accountability, and justice. Let us stand together to demand transparency and uphold the principles of equality and fairness.


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