Zero Percentile Cutoff in NEET-PG promotes Commercialization of Medical Education: SIO

by | Sep 29, 2023

The Student Islamic organisation of India (SIO) strongly condemns the shocking revelation of a zero percentile cutoff in the NEET-PG 2023 results, allowing candidates with scores as low as minus 40 marks to secure admissions in medical and dental courses. This outrageous decision poses a grave threat to the very standards of medical and dental education in India.

The compromised quality of candidates gaining entry directly endangers the training of future doctors, particularly those specializing in critical fields thereby undermining the nation’s healthcare system. This blatant affront to education has given an undue advantage to private colleges, enabling them to sell seats for crores of rupees, further perpetuating the commercialization of education.

The recent actions by the National Medical Commission (NMC), characterized by the absence of clear and consistent rules like NeXt, and other decisions have inflicted immeasurable mental stress upon students. The SIO firmly believes that this abrupt dismantling of the standard system, which has been a cornerstone of ensuring quality in medical education, reveals a disturbing undercurrent of political bias and corruption. We demand an immediate reversal of these detrimental decisions to safeguard the future of medical education in our country.


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