Stop the Mockery of Education!

by | Jun 23, 2024

The government’s mishandling of education has reached an alarming level in India. Rampant paper leaks, last-minute exam postponements, and a complete disregard for students’ well-being have turned education into a mockery. Students face immense mental stress, financial loss, and logistical nightmares due to the postponement of exams like NEET PG and CSIR NET a day before the scheduled date. This is also a clear example of the futility and danger of centralisation in every sector, which this government is ardently pushing.

Despite the introduction of paper leak laws, the integrity of our examination system has been compromised. The SIO demands the resignation of the education minister, the scrapping of the NTA as a testing agency, a proper SIT probe into paper leaks, and a complete restructuring of the educational system in India by prioritizing federalism, diversification, expansion of the public sector in education, and student-oriented policies.


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