‘Muslim Hain to Dawat Dein’: SIO Campaign to Focus on Presenting True Message of Islam

by | Mar 23, 2021

SIO Telangana has begun a state-wide campaign ‘Muslim Hain to Dawat Dein’ with aim of encouraging Muslims to present the true message of Islam.

The campaign was launched with a round table meeting of Islamic scholars belonging to various schools of thought in Hyderabad. They spoke about the need and importance of Dawah work.

“In this era of intense identity-based hatred, the need to counter Islamophobia is significant. It is important for Muslims to present the true message of Islam with their words as well as their character, lest the hate-mongers will continue spreading misinformation about Islam,” said Mr. Abdus Sami, Campaign Convenor at SIO Hyderabad.

As part of the campaign, SIO plans to reach people through Friday sermons, corner meets, lectures, short motivational video clips, meeting with religious scholars and professionals from different walks of life including journalists and teachers. The scholars and professionals will be urged to sensitize and encourage Muslims about their Dawah responsibilities.

“Through this campaign, we will motivate all Muslims to inculcate the true essence of Islam in their personal and social lives by emulating the life of Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.) and share the message of Islam with the brethren of our country. The youth of the country has an indispensable task of maintaining the feeling of brotherhood and affection among various communities – a responsibility entrusted to them by their forefathers. This growing polarisation across the nation needs to be curbed, said Mr. Sohail Rizwan, City President, SIO Hyderabad.

On this occasion, luminaries such as Moulana Husamuddin Jafar Pasha, Ameer Millat e Islamia Telanagana and Andhra Pradesh (AP), Moulana Syed Taqi Raza Abedi, President, Tanzeem e Jaferi, Dr. Siraj ur Rahman Farooqui, Khateeb, Jamia Masjid, Paigah, Dr. Hyder Hussain Agha, President, All India Shia Majlis e Ulema o Zakireen, Maulana Syed Shah Fazlullah Moosvi Quadri, Sajjada Nasheen, Dargah Hazrat Syed Shah Moosa Quadri, Mufti Zubair, Secretary, Jamiat ul Ulema Telanagana and AP, Dr. Syed Asif Umri, President, Jamiat Ahle Hadees Telangana and Janab Ziauddin Nayyer, Secretary, Ta’ameer e Millat, Mufti Khaleel Ahmad Nadwi Nizami, Chairman, Samdani Educational Institutions, Mufti Merajuddin Abrar, Nazim Madarsa e Anwar ul Huda, Janab Hamed Mohammed Khan, Ameer e Halqa, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Telangana and AP and Dr. Talha Faiyazuddin, Zonal President, SIO Telangana were also present.


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