SIO Demands Exemption of Exam Fee

by | Jun 4, 2020

Telangana: The educational institutes across the country have been shut since March 2020 due to the unplanned lockdown enforced to stop the spread of COVID-19. Many colleges moved to online classes in attempt to complete the syllabus, though most were ineffective the students of various colleges claim. Most students of Telangana demand that exams be called off and promotions done owing to the safety concerns amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The life of post-COVID19, will not be the same. There are many aspects of life that are bound to change. It is important that instead of running away from the challenges, we need to create new ways and learn to live with the virus. Exams can happen with proper precautions of physical distancing, allotment of examination slots and centres. Graduation students are mature enough to understand and maintain the precautionary measures.

In a press statement, State secretary – Qayamuddin said despite the inefficiency and flaws of the examination system we know, an exam, however, is integral in the process of education. It is for the benefit and future of the students. These ‘Corona’ graduates if just promoted might effect the employment opportunities of these candidates. A temporary discomfort of strictly maintaining precautions and appearing for the exam is better than facing future setbacks.

Degrees if just handed over without evaluating the student’s understanding of the subject will also have a long lasting negative impact on the society and will set a bad precedent for the education system.

SIO TS suggests the universities to conduct exams only for final year students and postpone the exams for the remaining students, depending on the syllabus completion and COVID19 status, meanwhile progressing with their next semesters. The leftover exams can be divided into the coming semesters.

SIO TS also demands the universities to not collect any examination fees as the 2 months of lockdown has economically hit many families. The TS government must provide adequate funds to conduct exams and avoid shortage of funds for the smooth running of the university.


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