SIO Telangana urges TS Govt to ensure the safety of the students during the SSC exam time.

by | May 31, 2020

Telangana: As the Telangana government has announced the commencement of SSC exams from June 8th after getting a blanket permission from the High Court. Dr Talha Faiyazuddin (President, SIO Telangana) said we understand the need for these examinations for proceeding with education, even in these times of the pandemic; we welcome the decision of rescheduling the examinations, hoping that everything goes well. However, practicing physical distancing and taking the best medical precautions is a must, and the government should ensure the safety of the students while attending the exams.
Amid COVID 19 while the government is trying its best to conduct the exams, we feel the need to review our education system. The board couldn’t come up with any reliable alternate examination system due to the slacking infrastructure and unprepared students, revealing that rather than being ‘educated’ the students have been trained only to accomplish a certain task, i.e, to write answers.
Since this pandemic seems to be affecting our lives for long, students just like us, need to find ways to continue living life with the precautions suggested by experts.
Dr Abdul Wasay (WHO Consultant) advised that the SSC board should work closely with Health Department to ensure excellent healthcare facilities at all exam centers.

SIO demand the government to make sure that examination centers should be more in number and well sanitized regularly and commute be made easy by arranging special buses for students maintaining all physical distancing norms.
Banners, posters and flexes containing precautionary measures and mask disposal techniques must be displayed at every exam center along with adequate medical support staff for assistance of students.
Temperature check, Masks, Disinfectant body spray machine must be installed at least at all exam centers falling in red zones.
Minimum gathering around the exam center must be ensured to facilitate practicing social distancing and helpline number be released for clarification of doubts and relieving apprehension and confusion among parents.
Campus Secretary SIO-TS, Qayam Uddin also urged students to adhere to physical distancing norms by avoiding forming huddles and discussing papers and to return home soon after the exam. He wished them success and prayed for their good health and future.
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