Students must respond positively to the threat of communalism – SIO National President

by | Mar 17, 2014

Communalism, which has grown as a threat to India should be addressed by the student community positively -said Ashfaque Shareef, National President of SIO. He was addressing the members and associates of SIO Jamia Millia Islamia at a tazkiya camp in SIO headquarters. Communalism has been propagated and spread by the state itself when it has the power to curb such menace. The distortion of history in the academic arena has caused the minds of the young generation to have wrong notions of the society especially the Muslim community. He added that the process of polarization has been one of the most crucial effects of communalism today.
SIO Central Advisory Council member Khan Yasir addressed the gathering on the topic ‘Responsibilities of Youths’. He opined that the youths had always been in the forefront of any revolution – be it for bad or good. The new generation Muslim youth are misled by the Satan in different ways. The Muslim students need to reassert certain qualities in their life which will certainly bring about big changes in the world.
The program began with the Quran class of Aamir Jamal followed by the presidential speech of Mahboob Thaha, SIO Jamia Zonal President. This was followed by Ihtisaab (self-evaluation) program handled by Irfan Ali. He reminded the members and associates of the need to do Ihtisaab as it is very important for the restoration of Iman (faith) in the life of a Mu’min (believer). SIO National Secretary Shariq Ansar also delivered a brief speech on the topic ‘Campus Activism’. He opined that the campuses are the factories where the new generation is manufactured and Islamic Movements should prepare their cadre from the campuses itself.  National President Ashfaq Shareef released the Jamia newsletter “Clarion of Struggle”. Suhail Hussein, editor of the newsletter said that the need of a medium to express the student’s voice was the need of the hour and the newsletter was the result of such a need. The program concluded with the remarks of Janab Neyyar Sahib, Ameer e Halqa, JIH Delhi- Haryana. Zonal Secretary Afaque Qureishi, gave the vote of thanks.


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