SIO Launched North East Campaign titled “Establish Justice”

by | Jul 29, 2019

Gangtok: North East Campaign Launched by Syed Azharuddin (General Secretary SIO of India) with a theme Establish Justice in North East Leaders Meet at Sikkim.

Islam is the way of life as prescribed by the Creator of Universe, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful God, which will guide mankind to prosper in their temporal life and achieve everlasting success in the Hereafter.

“Verily, the chosen way of life with Allah is Islam.” (Quran 3:19)

This divine guidance has been given to mankind in the form of revelation, the Holy Quran, and in the person of Muhammad (PBUH),  the final prophet.  The significance of these two  lay in the fact that the divine guidance prescribes the principles to achieve success through the person of Muhammad (PBUH) it was demonstrated practically to mankind, to be emulated till the end of times.

In stark contrast to other religions, Islam adopts a very different approach in preparing mankind to achieve success. The beauty of Islam lay in the fact that the divine guidance literally covers every single aspect of human life, individual as well as collective. There is nothing, noble or mundane, that it does not provide guidance for.  The Holy  Quran takes  into consideration the human nature in a very organic manner prepares individuals to face the challenges of life resiliently.

When Islam provides guidance for individual as well as collective human life, it defines precepts and ethos to be adhered to, for individual, social, economic and political aspects of human society. The cornerstone of the collective life, and indeed one of the guiding principles of Islam is, justice. With respect to the need and purposes of the divine guidance, the Holy Quran says,

“Verily we send our Messengers with clear proofs, the Scripture and the Balance, so that people could uphold justice.” (Quran 57:25)

The notion of justice in Islam is very expansive, not merely limiting to equality but going beyond to include equity and balance. Prescribing one of the fundamental duties  of  Muslims, the Quran enjoins,

“You who believe, uphold justice and bear witness to God, even if it is against yourselves, your parents, or your close relatives. Whether the person is rich or poor, God can best take care of both. Refrain from following your own desire, so that you can act justly-  if  you distort or neglect justice, God is fully aware of what you do.” (Quran 4:135)

“You who believe, be steadfast in your devotion to God and bear witness impartially: do not let hatred of others lead you away from justice, but adhere to justice, for that is closer to awareness of God. Be mindful of God: God is well aware of all that you do.” (Quran 5:8)

SIO: The Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) has been working amongst students and youth for the past 37 years across the nation, to prepare them for reconstructing the human society in the light of divine guidance so that humanity can achieve true peace, prosperity and felicity.

North-East: Northeast India is the region of home of the extraordinarily diverse mosaic of ethnic groups, having a distinctive social, cultural and economic identity, more akin to their South Asia neighbors than mainland India. Being one of the most neglected regions of the Indian union, the overall state of affairs in the region is quite alarming. The unattended issues and problems of the past are being accumulated, multi-layered and have become multifarious. Over and above, the mounting pressures of emerging challenges of rapid transformation need to be countered. At this juncture, Muslim Students and Youth must stand up for the peace and harmony of the region by presenting Islam before the entire Northeast Society.

North East Campaign: To undertake the arduous task of upholding justice requires certain preparation. Towards this SIO is undertaking a campaign in the Northeast India, titled, Establish Justice, with the tagline, Renew, Refine, Rebuild. The objective of this campaign is two-fold, to create awareness amongst the Muslim students and youth about this fundamental obligation of Islam and to prepare them to be the upholders of justice in  society.

Renew: The first step in the preparation is consciously renewing our  commitment  to  follow the divine guidance in its totality. This requires renewal of faith in God, cleansing hearts of all forms of negativities and freeing minds of all limitations so that  every  individual can find purpose of life by directly connecting with the divine and realize utmost potential in life through adherence to the divine guidance.

Refine: The second step is to refine the understanding and practice of the divine guidance such that it creates purity in hearts, sagacity in thinking, consistency in efforts and beneficence in personality. The principles of Islam must reflect in all the aspects of a Muslim’s life so that each and every Muslim becomes the ambassador of Islam to all mankind.

Rebuild: The third step is to make collective efforts to rebuild the society on the basis of justice, so that humanity can be freed from every form of oppression, exploitation and servitude, and find true and everlasting peace, prosperity  and  felicity under the shade of  the divine guidance.


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