New Delhi: The Loksabha yesterday passes the RTI Amendment bill, which basically questions the very spirit of the autonomy of the Act. The RTI Act of 2005 empowers the common citizen to seek information and create a check and balance in the use and misuse of powers of officials.

BJP government is deliberately bringing the amendment to the existing Act and dismantling the structure of the complete functionary of RTI.

Transparency was the key in the functioning of the RTI act, through this amendment transparency is at stake. This amendment gives all power to the central government to change the tenure and fixed salary of the CIC and ICs, consequently, it will curb the independence and autonomy of the institution.

RTI Act is a effective tool in the hands of the citizen to protect the soul and spirit of the democracy. SIO condemns the very move of the BJP government to kill the Act and create a toothless tiger like many other institutions.

Media Department, SIO of India
Syed Ahmed Ali (National Secretary, SIO of India)
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