New Delhi: On February 24, 2020, when the whole of Gujarat especially Ahmedabad was busy with Namaste Trump program at Motera Stadium, during this some hate mob attacked Muslims badly in Khambat a village in Anand District in whuch Akbarpura area was effected more compared to other two areas, said Azharuddin (General Secretary SIO of India) after visiting the riots effected site.

A resident of Akbarpura said that this was third time in the last 1 year, Muslims have been attacked by a gang of rioters, they burned and looted our houses. Very heart breaking is that 40 to 50 houses were burnt in which there is a house which is burnt for the third time in 1 year.

In the entire Khambat, huge loss of property in which around 110 houses have been completely burnt along with 45 shops, 2 mosques, 3 dargahs were destroyed, and 2 dozens of goat/sheep were also burnt in a close room. More than hundred people were injured severely.

According to the locals, the police has arrested 115 people so far, the attitude of the police in this whole incident is also being questioned, this riot continued for 5 hours, meanwhile the police was repeatedly informed but they couldn’t reach the spot.

The work of Rehabilitation and Relief has started, temporarily around 250 families displaced in 3 camps in nearby areas, including Darul Uloom Anvare Mustafa, Teen Darwaza Juma Masjid and Kansari.

Azharuddin demanded state government should compensate the all the effected family completely and should provide immediate medical and legal support and apolitical committe to formed and culprits should be punished to maintain law and order in future course of action. He also appealed people to come forward to support the effected people and local residents should develop strong bonding between the communities and shouldn’t become pray to political opponents.