New Delhi: Over 20 Muslim localities in Northeast Delhi severely affected by the pogrom now face uncertainty of livelihood, healthcare and education for their children. Labeed Shafi (President, SIO) met the affected families at Brijpuri, Mustafabad, who expressed their grief, many of whose houses were burned and business looted. Their children now cannot afford to pursue their education. Shafi, expressing SIO’s solidarity, said “As SIO works for students and youth, it’s our responsibility to raise concern against the injustice done to students and their families. We assure the victims of Northeast Delhi that SIO shall strive to assist the orphaned children, support education of affected children and conduct repairs of damaged schools.”

Peaceful environment of Delhi was disrupted by some hate mongers, Violence broken on 23rd Feb 2020 evening in which mostly Muslims properties of North East Delhi was targeted to loot, burned, destroyed and about 50+ people were killed and 200+ were injured badly in Delhi Riot 2020 according to media reports.

Mainly targeted areas where mob attacked are Chand Bagh, Brijpuri, Bhajanpura, Bhagirathi Vihar, Dayalpur, Gokulpuri, Ghonda, Jagatpuri, Kabir Nagar, Karawal Nagar, Kardampuri, Kartarnagar, Khajuri Khas, Loni, Mandoli, Maujpur, Mustafabad, Old Mustafabad, New Mustafabad, New Sabhapur Village and Seelampur.

We are ready to support at least 100 orphans who lost their father’s, 1000 educational kits to school going students, scholarship to 50 graduate students and repair of schools if any comes to our notice, said Labeed.

[Students and their concerned families can contact Br. Muzakkir (Secretary, Department of Education, SIO of India – [email protected] and Br. Abul Ala (President, SIO Delhi – [email protected] )]

SIO demands the government should take serious action against the culprits who attacked the innocent citizens and all of those involved in massacre should be punished immediately and the loss of both communities of northeast Delhi to be compensated accordingly.