Education, Environment and Employment Should Be Priority in Goa Elections: SIO

by | Dec 22, 2021

22.12.2021 (Panjim) | Students and Youth are an integral part of the society. In these testing times, students are facing plethora of hindrances, which will have major consequence. Assembly elections are due in Goa in the coming months.
In this context, Students’ Islamic Organisation Goa, released the manifesto in CSPH, Miramar-Panjim, which underscores the demands and issues of the student community. The objective and pre- eminence of students and youth has been embodied in its agenda. This manifesto has been prepared after an extensive study and according to the issues related to the students and youth of the Goa, after discussing their issues with them. It contains several demands and recommendations.

The manifesto was released by the Secretary General of the Organisation, Syed Ahmed Muzakkir and National Secretary, Nihal Kidiyoor here today. Syed Ahmed Muzakkir said on this moment, “we hope that all political parties will respond positively to our request and will keep our demands in centre while preparing their manifesto. He continued by saying, the demands we have in this manifesto are mainly concerned with education, post pandemic relief packages, employment and other youth affairs, health and welfare, human rights, culture, technology & environment.Yunus Mulla said that, “Education and Employment should be an election agenda and this consultation is an attempt to voice the demands of Goan student community”. We hope that this consultation process will become an example of vibrant democratic process mechanism and it will ensure that the concerns of students especially education is an important challenge that should be incorporated in the agenda of this election. Apart from this, affairs like employment and human rights should also become the centre of discussion in this election.

The foremost demands are given here:

  1. According to the need of the society and recommendations of various education commissions, the GDP should be increased up to 6% for the education expenditure.
  2. Medical colleges should be increased in the state.
  3. State Government must ensure setting up of a central university in Goa within next three financial years.
  4. Government must ensure allotment of feasible land for NIT, taking into consideration
    the environmental and other aspects.
  5. Free Transportation facility must be provided by the government for all the students.
  6. The infrastructure of government schools, colleges and universities should be improved; be it the hostels, the libraries, or other lab facilities, in order to ensure a proper studying environment. Modern facilities with computer lab, smart class rooms and libraries should be introduced.
  7. Value Education syllabus must be compulsorily implemented in all the Schools and Higher Education Institutes.
  8. Strict implementation of anti-tobacco and drug abuse law and Strict vigilance of Selling of tobacco, liquor, drugs near school is required. Stringent action must be taken against those guilty of contravening the law. The tobacco free zone has to be increased to 500 meters of Institutes.
  9. Strict Implementation of Conceptual Learning Methodology in curriculum study.
  10. To ease the post Covid-19 financial burden on students, education loans should be waived off or converted into scholarship.
  11. The selection process for government and public sector jobs should be made transparent, fair and efficient. The process of recruitment, from notification of post to
    the actual appointment and joining of the selected candidate, must be completed in a time bound manner.
  12. Ad-hoc appointments must be curtailed so that permanent appointments to relevant vacancies could be ensured such that no position of permanent appointment is vacant for more than a period of one academic year.
  13. Interest free loan scheme should be introduced for entrepreneurs as a pilot run.
  14. Stop the Environment harming project with immediate effect.
  15. Surveillance and Intrusion should be minimized, and state should uphold the citizens right to privacy.

Syed Ahmed Muzakkir (Secretary General, SIO of India), Nihal Kidiyoor (National Secretary, SIO of India), Yunus Mulla (President, SIO Goa), Mazhar Mukashi (Secretary, SIO Goa) were present in the programme.


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