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It’s High Time KERALA Govt. should React : SIO Kerala

KOODAMKULAM: Shihab pookotur, the state president of SIO has asked the Govt. of Kerala to react against the Central Govt’s move to produce electricity from the KOODAM nuclear plant. The Koodamkulam nuclear plant is just 120kms away from Kerala. Any minor accident in the plant will completely affect the Trivandrum and Quilon districts of Kerala. Fishing will be affected the worst as the nuclear waste would be dumped in the sea.

He added that Kerala’s silence towards the issue is annoying and surprising as they’ve realized the consequences of the nuclear tragedy that happened in Japan. He was speaking in a venue declaring solidarity to the protesters in Koodamkulam. SIO state president was accompanied by State Gen.Sec K.P Abdul Salam, Sec. Nisar K.S, Asst. Sec. A. Anas, Trivandrum District President Sakeer Neman, Subzonal Secretaries A. Abid and Ajmal.

Sessions declaring solidarity to protesters were organised by SIO in various campuses within the state and other districts and area offices. Solidarity State Sec, Razak paleri, SIO State Sec. Sadiq P.K and other spoke at various venues organised for the purpose.

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