Extending messages of fraternity, SIO conducts iftar meet with the Chakliya community

by | Jun 21, 2017

The state council of Students Islamic Organization conducted iftar meet at Muthalamada Ambedkar colony in solidarity with the Chakliyar community, where casteism is practised against the lower castes in every nuance of daily lives. Rupesh Kumar, famous novelist and activist, in his inaugural address stated that their struggle for equality and acceptance has helped bring more discriminations in limelight. He asked the government to take adequate steps immediately to bring forth the educationally and socially backward communities. Chakliyar community which consists of 133 families reside at Ambedkar colony in Muthalamada of Palakkad district. They have been struggling to ward off the caste discrimination and untouchability for years.

Casteist events by the upper cases of Ambedkar Colony had created a media furore 15 years ago and led the government to take steps to curb down the inhumane practices. However the latest incidents prove that they are not stories of bygone years. They continue to haunt the downtrodden even today. The upper castes and lower castes use different taps to draw water and even use different glasses in a tea shop. “The goverment should initiate to uplift the victim communities of such discrimination”, said Thoufeeq Mambad, the state general secretary of Students Islamic Organization.

The iftar party was enriched by the presence of many eminent personalities from the cultural and social arena. Ajith Kollamkod (District Secretary, Welfare Party of India),Basheer Hassan Nadwi (Vice-president, Jama’ate islami Palakkad), Pradeep Nenmara (General Secretary, Fraternity Movement), V.P Najamudeen ( Right to Information activist), Shivaraj (Patron, Ambedkar Protection council) and Neelipara Mariyappan (State leader, Adivasi Protection Forum) also graced the event. Fasil, District President of SIO Palakkad delivered the vote of thanks and Mujeeb rahman, Secretary of SIO kerala welcomed the gathering.



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