Yaum-e-Badr & Iftar Program by SIO Kota

SIO Kota Unit organized grand iftar party on the occasion of 17th Ramzan (The day of Badr). On this event chief guest Hafiz Muttalib Mirza (Ex Zonal President SIO Rajasthan, Member of Advisory Council, Jamat-e- Islami Hind Rajasthan) said that first battle of truth and falsehood was carried out on the field of Badr. This battle was neither a political, community’s nor family battle and also it was not only a battle for defense, rather it was a battle of an ideology. Both groups were standing to protect their ideology and belief. The chief message of Badr is that beliefs, thoughts and ideology is most important for a human. And he also added that the message of Badr is not only that how 313 clashed with 1000 but what kind of qualities those 313 were having. How much discipline, brotherhood, kindness, love was within them. Nurturing these feeling is called creating “Aura of Badr”.

Another guest of program Br. Ziyaul Islam presenting brief Introduction of SIO said that SIO has been working to awaken students and youths from last 32 years and it is moving forward with its dream “reconstruction of society in the light of divine guidance”. SIO wants to make society free from evil deeds and struggling to achieve this. SIO is also working to diminish fee hike, ragging, pop culture etc. Debates are carried out in various areas on the issues regarding syllabus and also provides suggestions to government of India for the same. SIO also organizes various programs related to career guidance and counselling along with this Excellence award programs are also being organized to encourage and motivate students and youths. SIO also organizes various debates and discussions to provide true face of Islam to students and society. SIO is dedicating itself and contributing in every field of education, also struggling for students’ politics in campuses. At the end he appealed all the students gathered there to join SIO. Program was successfully came to end with the prayer by Zahur Ahmed Sb(Ameer-e-Maqami Jamat-e-Islami Hind Kota Rajasthan). Program was attended by nearly 200 students and youths.