Living with dignity is a very fundamental right of mankind. The right to life is a prerequisite for any other rights including dignity. As far as the Indian social scenario is concerned, these rights of oppressed communities are being severely getting violated. All unprivileged communities, Muslims, Dalit’s alike, are going through the very grave situation.

In such a milieu, SIO of India would like to spearhead a nationwide Human Dignity Campaign on the theme “Rejecting Victimhood | Reclaiming Dignity | Up Against Hate” from 16-30th August 2017. On this occasion, today in a Press meet held at Kolkata Press Club, Imam Hossain, State Secretary of SIO West Bengal said, “Killings like recent death of innocent 70 children at Gorakhpur Hospital, Uttar Pradesh, violence like Baduria, Bashirhat, Naihati, Budge Budge, Dhulagar in West Bengal, attacks, mob lynching, vandalisms are being very much normalized against these communities across the nation. Such atrocities are innumerable. It escalated within the last two years. Plenty Muslim brothers have been undergone many such hate crimes. Many of them took place on the pretext of beef, patriotism, and nationalism. But the reality is that it is racial hatredness. Many attacks against Muslims have happened only because they were seemingly Muslims.”

Md Nooruddin Shah, State Patron of SIO West Bengal said, “It was evident in many incidents against human dignity such as, much talked about the Gaurakhsak attack in Alwar, Rajasthan, against Pehlu Khan and family, in which Pehlu Khan was lynched to death and his two sons were got injured seriously, but his driver was escaped from attacks when he revealed his identity before the armed terror mob. Attack against a Muslim family in their train journey was also identical.

It is furthered reported by the organization that the present scenario demanded us to stand firmly for the oppressed. As a responsible movement, SIO can’t be a mute spectator. It is high time to break the silence of the community and society. We have to address this hatredness against Muslims, Dalits and every oppressed in India. Regardless of race, religion, people of the country, everyone should come forward to protect human dignity.
Upcoming Programs:
1. ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE with Students Organisations.
Date: 18 August 2017| Time: 3pm |Venue: Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
Date: 21 August 2017| Time: 9am |Venue: Various Campuses in Kolkata
Date: 30 August 2017| Time: 2pm |Venue: Haji Md. Mahasin Square to Esplanade