02Shaikh Abdul Hamid, Kolkata

SIO demands reinstatement of Madrasha Service Commission (MSC) to restart clear and Corruption less recruitment process. State government aided Madrasha (High & Senior High) has been suffering due to non requirement through MSC. SIO demands as there is no recruitment for 4 years, Madrasha Education system has to be collapsed .Today SIO demands at press club that state government has to take suitable step keeping in mind the stand of Supreme Court to clear the bars behind the MSC recruitment.

For fair recruitment process MSC had been formed in 2008. MSC recruits upto 2012 in a smooth way. But a case has been filed against MSC on the basis of Article 30 of our constitution. At this points high court ordered the existing MSC As Unconstitutional .Then at Supreme court a case filed against the order at high court dated 9.12.16 and Supreme court ordered stay order on high court order on 14.12.16. At present in west Bengal there is 614 madrasha & more than 4 lakhs students studying there.  More than 5000 vacancies, 132 madrasha has no Headmaster. So to keep up teaching & learning system at madrasha- recruitment is very urgent.

Osman Gani , State president ,SIO WB Said,” what would be our choice?  We think recruitment through MSC, Fair, corruption free & merit based recruitment possible. We can protect the kins & relative priority in recruitments. if need, governments can reform in Existing MSC.”01

“Every madrasha has its own tradition& rich heritage, Government has to protect that “said Maulana Abdur Rafique, Former General Secretary.

mam Hossain, State General secretary said,” MC might have some positive sign. no compromise with Merit , MSC is better system for fair, corruption free, bribe less recruitment process ‘He told more that  SIO WB will conduct a campaign named reinstatement of Madrasha service commission from 1st April to 10April all over West Bengal. Memorandum will be submitted to Honorable Chief Minister Mamata Benerjee.

In that day, State Organising Secretary Br. SK Khalid Ali, Campus Secretary Ramiz Raja & Assistant PR Secretary Sujauddin Ahmed was present.