In the recent Indian context, the rights of oppressed communities are being severely getting violated. All unprivileged communities, Muslims, Dalit’s alike, are going through the very grave situation.

In this situation, SIO of India launched a nationwide Human Dignity Campaign on the theme “Rejecting Victimhood | Reclaiming Dignity | Up Against Hate” from 16-30th August 2017. As a part of this, a mass rally from Sahid Minar to Ramlila Maidan and a convention at Ramlila Maidan, Kolkata organised by SIO West Bengal on 30th August 2017.

DSC_0402-1024x683Osman Gani, State President of SIO West Bengal said, “Killings, attacks, mob lynching, vandalisms are being very much normalised against muslims, dalits across the nation. It escalated within the last two years. In Bengal this types of attack against muslims also carried out by mob. Last week two students, Hafijul Sk and Anowar Hossain, of Jalpaiguri district were lynched by mob in the name of cow-theft. Plenty Muslim brothers have been undergone many such hate crimes. In this regard we demand that central govt has to make a strong law immediately to stop mob lynching.”

Imam Hossain, State Secretary of SIO West Bengal said, “Our constitution has give the liberty of thoughts, expression, belief, faith and worship. But for the last two years this liberty and dignity are getting violated severely. It was evident in many incidents against human dignity such as, much talked about the gau-rakhsak attack in Alwar, Rajasthan against Pehlu Khan and his family, in which Pehlu Khan was lynched to death and his two sons were got injured seriously, but his driver was escaped from attacks when he revealed his identity before the armed terror mob. Attack against a Muslim family in their train journey was also identical.”DSC_0376-1024x683

Md Nuruddin Shah, Zonal Patron of SIO West Bengal expressed his deep sorrow over the atrocities on the Rohingya Muslim in Myanmar. He further said, “No neighbouring country is coming forward against this attacks where the children, woman are being murdered. As a result, human dignity is being plundered. We will not forget that.”

Ranjit Sur, Vice President of APDR said,”In the previous government, the rights of the Muslims would have been taken in other ways. It is being done directly in the Modi era.”

Masihur Rahaman, Editor of Weekly Mizan said, “The present government has cut the UPA government’s scheme. The allocation of funds in education sector has been reduced in such a way that it will beat the allocation of funds of poor countries in Africa. Therefore, student organisations must be united to increase the funds in education sector.”DSC_0079-1024x573

Abdul Wadud, National Secretary – SIO of India, Anabil Guha, State Secretary- Chatra Parishad WB, Saikat Giri, Joint State Secretary- AISF, Md Safiulla, State Secretary- PSU, Social Activist Sukhnandan Ahluwalia and Manik Samajdar, Shahnawaz Ali Raihan, Scholar-Oxford University, Abdus Samad, State Convenor-APCR and many others were also present in this rally and convention.