New Delhi: A healthy and efficient educational system must ensure equitability, accessibility and quality for all. However the recent OBC issue has brought to fore the deep faults in the Indian educational system. As one of the leading students’ organisation in the country, the Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) is committed to upholding the constitutional values of justice and equality, Labeed Shafi, National President said. SIO calls upon the government to take remedial measures immediately, and is submitting the following demands in this regard:

 SIO reiterates its fundamental stand in favour of reservation. The framers of the Constitution made provisions for affirmative action and positive discrimination to correct socio-historical marginalisation and dispossession. Reservation quotas are one such correctional measure for socio-economic disparities. Hence the government is bound by the constitution to ensure equal and accessible quality education to all its citizens. Whereas accessibility of education is a much discussed an issue even if not correctly addressed one, equality in education, especially equality of access is not given as much consideration. Given the marginalisation of different communities due to myriad reasons, equitable accessibility and integration into mainstream education through measures such as reservation quotas must be ensured to correct the socio-historical marginalisation.

 SIO’s stand on NEET and all other central exams for admission to various courses is that, the decision to have entrance qualification tests or any other appropriate measures at state-level must be left to the respective state governments. While the need for a unified and standard testing and evaluation framework at the national level cannot be disputed, the mandate to evaluate and assess must be given to the respective state authorities, as it is in line with the federal nature of the Indian Union and Constitution. Hence a national standard framework along with states’ prerogative for conducting and evaluating must be framed.

 Complete implementation of all reservation quotas without prejudice to division of seats between the state and all India quota must be ensured. All categories of reservations currently applicable, have to be implemented without prejudice to anyone category, separately in each state as well as for all India quota.

 The lag of close to 10,000 seats must be retrospectively allotted in the upcoming academic year.
SIO will be petitioning the Supreme Court to intervene in this matter, Shafi added.