New Delhi: Labeed Shafi, National President, SIO of India, strongly condemned the suicide attack which killed over 200 people and injured 450 in a series of coordinated blasts on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka.

Terming it a barbaric act on a day of joy and festivity for our Christian brethren, Labeed Shafi expressed his condolences for all those who suffered in this act of terrorism. He also said that Students community of India stand in solidarity with the Christians of Sri Lanka in this time of grief, and hoped that those who perpetrated this act will be quickly brought to justice.

Labeed also said the series of unjustified killings of humans by humans going on in different countries must stop now in order to keep humanity from further fall. He expressed hope that the government of Sri Lanka will thoroughly investigate these blasts and won’t leave any stone unturned in bringing the criminals to justice so that no one could dare to destabilize peace in the country again.

Further Labeed Shafi concluded, that Indian media shouldn’t blame any religion/religious community before the confirmation from the Sri Lankan government.

Department of Media, SIO of India.
Syed Ahmed Ali (National Secretary)
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