New Delhi: As per the latest directive, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided that the chapters on democracy and diversity will be not evaluated in the board examination of 2020. The three chapters that are to be dropped from the Democratic Politics Book-I are, ‘Democracy and Diversity’, ‘Popular Struggle and Movements’ and ‘challenges to democracy’.

A circular released by CBSE says that the chapters will not be evaluated in the board examination although they will be covered in the periodic tests.

SIO of India National President Labeed Shafi said that such a move will adversely affect the society as students have a tendency to skip studying those parts of curriculum which won’t be examined. This will result in students not inculcating and internalising the importance of democracy and diversity. In these times when proactive and sustained efforts are being undertaken to promote enmity, hatred and communal disharmony, such a move will only help in furthering discord whereas the need of the hour is to celebrate diversity and promote democracy and harmony between all sections of the society and nation.

In this regard SIO of India demands that the HRD Ministry immediately take steps to rectify this situation and reinstate examination of all parts of the curriculum relating to Democratic Politics. The way forward to reduce burden on students is through updating and utilising latest methods of assessment and not through discarding parts of curriculum, Shafi added.

Department of Media, SIO of India.
Syed Ahmed Ali (National Secretary)
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