New Delhi: Labeed Shafi President, SIO of India demanded the  MHRD  minister Prakash Javedekar to reduce The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) registration fee.

In a letter to the minister Labeed Shafi Said CLAT is the window to national law institutions. As such, the test should be accessible to all students irrespective of their economic and social backgrounds. However, the high registration fees for CLAT proving to be an unnecessary and unjust barrier.

“Last year the fees was 4000 rupees, and following numerous complaints and a Supreme Court directive your Ministry constituted a committee regarding the administration of CLAT examination. As you are well aware, the committee found that National Law Universities (NLU) were making a profit of 90-95% on the entrance. The committee had also recommended that the fees should not cost more than 1500 Rupees. Despite the report of your own ministry, this year again registration fee for the exam has been fixed as 4000 rupees, We believe that this is a case of shameful profiteering from an important exam, and will have the effect of excluding a large section of students from accessing premier institutes of legal studies in the country. I kindly request on behalf of Students Islamic Organization (SIO) to reduce the fees according to the recommendations of the MHRD committee report on CLAT 2018”, Labeed Shafi said in the letter.


From, Department of Media

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