2 Day Workshop held on Mental wellness and Psychology

by | Jun 22, 2022

The Present lifestyle of hustle and bustle coupled with deadly pandemic and Authoritarian regimes of the world are leading to emerging of major faultiness and Mental Health and wellness is one of the severely affected domains. The exposure to echo chambers of technology and growing atmosphere of hate is further pushing the boundaries of resilience and harmony in Human being. One more aspect of modern society is the absence of cognizance of spiritual side of human leading to a lopsided view of Human personality and thus counterproductive as a wellness solution. This modern Psychological episteme was challenged by pioneers such as Dr Malik badri, and it is Sio’s endeavors to carry that noble mission forward, and the mental wellness workshop is part of that series. These were presented as opening remarks of the workshop.

Dr. Akbar Husain said that “Study of psychology is incomplete without discussing the role and position of soul and heart, and Islam provides a holistic approach to study the human psyche”, who is one of the leading Scholars in the field of Islamic Psychology who is affiliated to Aligarh Muslim University. Further Dr Gauri Shankar, added that it is very important to break the taboo and stigma around mental health, and stressed on the importance of providing interventions and other tools to cope with such situations. Dr. Kirmani and Mrs. Rajani interacted with the participants equipping them with different psychological interventions and approaches toward Mental Health issues.

Workshop was held on 28th and 29th of May, 2022, at the headquarters in Delhi. This was organized by the Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) .More than 50 participants from all over India attended the workshop. This workshop was a follow up of webinar series held last year on Islamic psychology wherein, renowned scholars such as Dr Amber haq, Dr Suleiman derien and Dr Fahad had delivered there lectures in the following series. The workshop’s goals included de-stigmatizing mental health in society, providing a brief overview of the Islamic perspective on psychology, and providing hands-on practice with brief psychological interventions.

The workshop witnessed the presence of eminent scholars and experts in the field. Dr. Akbar Husain, a leading personality in the field of Islam Psychology in India from Aligarh Muslim University, Dr. Gauri Shankar, AIIMS, Dr. Mustafa Nadeem Kirmani, Amity University, Mr. Jamaluddin Bidri, Mrs. Zulekha Rajani, Rhiza Academy were present amongst others. The workshop concluded with the formation of the Mental Wellness Forum, an SIO node aimed at addressing Mental Health Issues and Intervention on the ground level, with a focus on both education and service provision. The workshop left the participants feeling highly motivated and satisfied, and they will be empowering the forum in its future endeavors at both the local and national levels.


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