SIO National President Labeed Shafi today called for a nationwide protest against the central government’s move to extend reservation in jobs and education to economically weaker sections. Lok Sabha on Tuesday passed a constitutional amendment bill to provide 10 percent reservation in education and government jobs for ‘economically weak’ sections, taking the total reserved seats to 59 percent.

Labeed Shafi said that the constitutional scheme of reservations is based on securing the ends of social justice, by including those sections that have historically faced discrimination and exclusion on the basis of their identity. Reservations were never intended to be a means of economic upliftment, and cannot provide a solution for the lack of new jobs and opportunities in the country. Terming it a cynical and opportunistic move by the ruling party, he said that the government had mismanaged the economy on all fronts and failed to provide jobs for the youth. Instead of facing up to this economic distress, it is now seeking to divert the issue by talking about reservations for economically weaker sections in an election year.

Labeed Shafi called this a dangerous move which would distort the constitutional scheme of social justice for the sake of vote-bank politics in an election year. He called on students and youth of the country to protest against this cynical move of a desperate government trying to cover up its failures by playing with the fabric of the constitution.