COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines

Status Advice
(COVID-19) Disease: The number of cases is increasing in India with each passing day, and might exponentially increase if proper preventive measures are not followed with due social responsibility.


–  Prevention and isolation is the best strategy.

–  Social Distancing: Avoid all kinds of large gatherings, usage of public transport and travel.

–  Self-maintenance of hygiene and proper management at work places.

Healthcare system: Test kits and isolation wards are not adequate. The system is close to getting overwhelmed and collapse.


–  Authorities should check if all possible resources are being to put to complete utilization.

–  Keep a check on the day to day status of the disease in your state. (

–  Authorities should be assisted and cooperated for execution of plans.

Public Mindset: Are complacent and unserious about the disastrous situation which can be upon them soon. Believing all kinds of WhatsApp forwards and ignorant claims of politicians and babas. There are also a group of ‘literate’ people who are selfishly panicking or in denial. –  Need proper education about the disease and its progression and severity. Usage of multimedia tools and other means.

–  Need to curb damaging views and ideas.

–  Advised to act according to the situation without creating panic and chaos.

Hoarding: Prices of food, medicines and other essentials will tend to increase, unless government takes appropriate steps to prevent hoarding and price hike. Most vulnerable of the population will be the poor and daily wagers which account for about 33% of Indian population. –  Local authorities must be pressurised to prevent hoarding and price hike in the retail market.

–  Local authorities must be pressurised to provide free public distribution of food, medicines and other essential items.

Organisation: It’s the time of holidays, summer camps, tarbiyah camps and special workshops. –  Suspend all public activities; and those requiring travel.

–  Important time-sensitive meetings can be arranged online.

–  If, depending on conditions, inside state travel restrictions are applied, State Offices can be advised to be temporarily closed.

–  All members focus on personal tazkiya and physical and spiritual health. Virtual programs and other activities can be undertaken.

General Precautions and Guidelines:


–          PERSONAL HYGIENE: Frequently wash hands and avoid touching face. Cover your face when coughing and sneezing. Eating outside food is discouraged. Use standard face mask only when you are in crowded places, or travelling in public vehicles, or if taking care of the sick.

–          SOCIAL DISTANCING: Don’t go into crowded places or travel. When you are meeting anyone, who is sick and has symptoms of cold, cough and fever, avoid shaking hands and hugging.

–          SOCIAL MEDIA:

§  Don’t believe or forward unconfirmed news or false information regarding the disease or treatment. Don’t create or be a part of panic.

§  Cadre can utilize this time to get awareness and safety measures through videos and infographics provided by Markaz or through other trusted sources. Videos and infographics issued by Markaz to be translated by zones.

§  Increase the production of quality online content to compensate for the absence of organisational activates. Continue protesting against CAA-NRC-NPR over social media.

–          FAITH: It is part of faith and deen to take precautions. Don’t be carelessly ‘brave’ or ‘unconcerned’ in the name of religion. Congregational prayers if with unanimity are suspended, follow the instructions. Offer sunnah prayers at home.

–          AWARENESS:

§  Carelessness and ignorance are great fuels for a pandemic. Create awareness using virtual tools.

§  Ask local imams to make special dua after every prayer and make announcement for maintaining hygiene.

§  Cadre are advised to take care of themselves and their families. They can utilize this opportunity to reach out to their neighbors virtually (call/social media) to create awareness, maintain vigilance, and otherwise help in any capacity possible. They can make regular calls in this regard and build up confidence and good relations.

§  Hoardings on awareness and safety measures along with government helpline numbers can be put up in places of worship, market places, main thoroughfares and other public places.

§  Doctors in SIO cadre can write articles to spread awareness and safety measures.

–          MEDICAL TREATMENT: Seek medical treatment whenever needed. Don’t take medical advice from social media. Approach a qualified doctor, in case you feel unwell. Don’t panic not all cold and cough is COVID-19, however, get medical consultation.

–          RELIEF:

§  Allah forbid, but if such a situation comes when responsible citizens have to come on field for assistance, prepare a team, which taking all precautions, should assist bravely with concerned departments and organisations.

§  SIO cadre are requested to register themselves collectively as volunteers with the local authorities (They can be part of JIH/affiliate collective where possible, otherwise can do so separately).

§  See that there is no hoarding of food and medicinal items in part of your state; if any, report urgently to local authorities. Prepare a way to help the daily wagers who will be badly affected when work is widely shutdown.

–          POLITICAL ACTION: State Government/local authorities must be pressurised regarding the following through memorandum:

§  The respective governments waive taxes, especially for SMMEs, for a suitable period, taking into consideration the duration of the pandemic and suitable recovery time afterwards.

§  The respective governments must also waive rents and utilities of the people for the duration of the shutdown.

§  The salaries and other compensations for the period of the pandemic should be paid in full. Subsidies for various measures must also be paid.

§  Private sectors must provide paid leave for the duration of the pandemic. The government can provide a combination of various measures such as subsidies, waivers, etc., to help the private sector cope with the economic shock resulting from the Corona pandemic.

§  The government must enforce a shut-down for the duration of the pandemic. Educational institutions must be closed and examinations must be postponed.

§  Dedicated fund must be allotted to deal with the Corona issue, covering awareness, training, response, relief, treatment and rehabilitation.

§  Increase screening and testing to get an accurate estimate of the spread and for better response and treatment.

§  Free public distribution of food, medicines and other essential items must be taken up by the respective governments. Cost control measures must be put in place by the government to prevent hoarding and price hike in the retail market.