Resource Persons – Prof. Muktipada Sinha, Dept. of Education, Jadavpur University
Prof. Afsar Ali, AJC Bose College, Kolkata

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Important Points –

Our education system is oriented for only 6 – 10% students. Learning to live together was not fulfilled. The communal violence is common in India. Our Education system includes No detention policy, outdated syllabus, Mid-day-meal etc but no quality. The rationale behind no detention policy is not being justified. Hence there is no quality. So the demand for private institution is growing. This is creating a huge discrimination in society. Mythology is being incorporated in the name of history.

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Privatization grows more in PPP model. In 1947 Literacy rate was 12.7%. After Independence, Govt. of India didn’t make any serious attempt to improve the education system.
Main spirit of education should be on the basis of constitutional values.