Resource Person – Dr. Hifzurrahman, Principal, Shashi Bhusan College of Education, Hailakandi, Assam
SIO South Assam Zone Organised a symposium titled ‘Shiksha Samvad’ on 20th October 2015 at Hailakandi Junior Science College in Hailakandi District of Assam. The event was a part of the nationwide symposiums and seminars organised by SIO about the upcoming education policy of the Central Govt. The objective of the symposium was to discuss about the new education policy of Govt. of India. The guests present in the program were Thouseef Ahmed Madikeri, National Secretary, SIO, Dr. Hifjur Rahman, eminent educationist & Nirmal Das, Human Rights Activist, Israfil Hussain, Zonal Organiser, SIO Assam.

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Nirmal Das said that accurate history of the nation should be included in the syllabus so that a student can know about the plurality of the nation. He criticised the central and state Govt. for their pro corporate and anti – people policies.

Dr. Hifzur Rahman said that writings of Ram Puniyani and Irfan Habib should be the part of syllabus. He also said that the practical applicability of the present syllabus is hardly visible in the society.
Open Discussion:
Some of the suggestions were
1) Inclusion of moral science along with practical works
2) Giving importance to practically applicable curriculum
3) Reconsidering the recommendations of Kothari Commission and Knowledge Commission 4) Awakening the public about all the clauses of the education policy
5) Giving high importance to the knowledge of the Indian Constitution and rule of law etc.
In concluding speech, Zonal Organiser Israfil Hussain said that the curriculum should change the mind & heart of a student. He said that policies are made but there is no proper monitoring and coordination. Citing the example of South Assam, he said that, here only one central University is there and no state university, so students have to take a journey of nearly 12 hours to go to Guwahati for higher education. So policy should be made in such a manner that students can easily get access to higher education in the native place. He also said that education policy should be job oriented. He said that people should not limit themselves in participating in this type of symposiums and rather become aware about the ongoing discussion on education sector and try to improve the system and hence the society.
Finally, the program was concluded by vote of thanks from Tariq Aman Mazumder, Campus Secretary, SIO Assam South Zone.