Every healthy and striving organisation has a particular ingredient on its yearly chart. A membership drive, SIO South Maharashtra also have the same. But there’s a slight twist, to maintain high standards of intellect and physical activism in its cadre SIO South Maharashtra decided to make every new associate go through a rigorous drive to instill its values and ideals into him. It’s SIO South Maharashtra’s endeavor that every person associated with it develops himself for this world as well as the hereafter.

SIO South Maharashtra conducted 3 SIO Schools in three regions like Aurangabad, Beed and Mumbai covering 201 number of total applicants. This membership drive had constituted the study of an entire course ware of various books like Khutbaat, Risale Dinyat, Shahadate haq etc. Small interactive sessions were also conducted on the topics like Dawah, Islam and Plural Society and Educational Excellence.
Written exams, Cultural programs and Prize distribution were also the part of Camp. Apart from Zone, bigger units like Mumbai and Pune had conducted 3 more SIO schools at unit level constituting of 100 applicants making a total score of 301 new applications.