With Maharashtra facing a paucity of blood in blood banks due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases, SIO South Maharashtra carried out blood donation drives across the state.

The drive was started following an appeal by the state officials to donate blood. A large number of people, especially from Muslim community have turned out at multiple donation camps set-up in Mumbai, Latur, Jalna, Solapur, Parli, etc. Around 500 units of blood have been collected from 10 camps.

One of these camps was set up in a mosque at Beed town, which has been ravaged by the pandemic. Several social organisations, including SIO, came together to run a blood donation drive in the premises of Takiya Masjid in the town of Beed. As many as 143 units of blood was collected on a single day.

“Ramadan is here and it’s a time of the year when Muslims across the globe get into a spiritual mode, work on self purification and assist the needy through Zakat. As the city and the state is facing a paucity of blood in blood banks this year due to pandemic, we thought we would also help mankind by donating blood,” said Khizer Shaikh, a member of SIO and volunteer at the camp.

The organisation is ensuring all Covid protocols and health safety measures at these camps. “We launched this blood donation camp by calling the Muslim community to come out for humanitarian aid just before Ramadan. Initially we were sceptical of positive turnout because of the recent spike in Covid cases, but we have seen a tremendous response. We are encouraged by the response and will continue our efforts in assisting the blood banks.” said Salman Khan, Zonal President, SIO South Maharashtra.