PUSU Election Orientation Camp by SIO Bihar“Students are the backbone of any society. They play a vital role in the progress and development of the society. They have the potential in them to bring the change. Several revolutions like, Revolution of Russia, Indian Freedom movement etc were inspired by student activism. Campus is the main field of student activism and hence moral values should be promoted in the campus.” This was quoted by Br. Shariq Ansar, National Secretary, SIO of India, during a speech at Patna University on 15th of Sept 2013 . This program was organized by SIO Bihar zone to bring an awareness among students about the importance of Student Union Elections.

PUSU Election Orientation Camp by SIO Bihar

Jb. Aftab Alam and Jb. Rashid were the special invities. Jb. Aftab Alam sb interacted with the students about the importance or Student Union Elections and Jb. Rashid Sb in his talk, guided the students on How to improve communication skills.

Students from several other universities also attended the program.