Present Islam as a solution to human problems – Iqbal Mulla Sahib

by | Oct 13, 2013

JIH National secretary (Da’wa wing) Jb. Iqbal Mulla Sahib stressed the need for Islamic propagation in the era of globalization where man has been gripped with the problems of the materialistic ideologies of the 21st century. He was addressing the audience at the launch of the week long Da’wa campaign by SIO Jamia zone at the Public Library in Batla House, New Delhi. He added that the encouraging factor for a Muslim in this period is that a vaccum has been created in the human minds as a result of the spread of globalization and he is in search of spiritual experiences to fill the vaccum. SIO Jamia President Kamranullah Khan presided over the meeting. SIO Jamia ZAC member Zaid Arif described about the activities being planned for the campaign. Shadab anchored the program and Ateequrahman recited from the Quran. The audience were also given opportunity to clear their doubts. 

The concluding program of the campaign was held on 11th Oct at the Public Library hall in Batla House. Janab Naseem Ahmed Ghazi Sahib (Secretary, Islami Sahitya Trust) addressed the gathering on the topic of the week long campaign ‘To Islam, To Salvation’. He said that even though the modern society has been gripped in many problems, people are not ready to solve them or find solutions for them. On the other hand we Muslims have the solution but we are hiding it from them. The Holy Quran has used several terms to describe salvation and the basic theme of salvation in it is that the salvation in the hereafter is only through the journey of this world. Allah’s satisfaction is what is imbibed in the salvation concept of Islam. He also added that qualities like love for humanity, brotherly understanding, service to humanity, justice to everybody etc. should be the outstanding qualities of a believer if he aims for a total salvation in both the worlds. After the question answer session Br. Kamranullah Khan (President SIO JMI ZONE) concluded the program with the message that the campaign is just a beginning and the mission is to be continued in our coming days also. Br. Mushir Alam recited from the Quran and Zaid Arif anchored the program.

The week long campaign witnessed activities such as poster campaigning depicting the message of Islam and the purpose of life. Discussions and meetings in hostels and lawns were also part of the campaign. Leaflets released by Da’wa department of JIH India and that of Madhur Sandhesh were also distributed for the campaign purpose.



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