Release of an analytical and recommendations on new education policy by Prof.Noor Basha, Nagarjuna university, AP. and Mr.Kareemuddin, State President SIO, AP at vijayawada press club today. Prof. Noor Basha Said that Government of India should with draw its agreement from WTO-GATS . New education policy should imbibe the constitutional values, it should provide equal and quality.

Mr. Kareemuddin SIO State President said SIO of India done concrete work on education polices in India, we organized 19 academic discussions throughout nation, and finally SIO prepared Recommendations to Govt of India. Govt of India fails to improve education standards. In last 5 years Govt funded 20,00000 students in the name of quality education to poor people under 25% quota in RTE. it clear that Government promoting private sector.