National President Visits UP West

by | May 20, 2014

18th may 2014, by Rampur chapter of up west, A students convention organized at conference hall of Shan marriage hall by the theme “shabab jisne diya he zarur poochehega–?” It was presided over by national president, SIO of india Ashfaq Shareef sb. In the welcoming words of convener Br. Arif khan, the theme was elaborated as the social responsibility of students & youth community. During the inaugural words, zonal president Nazeerul Hasan khan invited the students community for collective struggle of social change.During the presidential words, Br Ashfaq shareef sb said that our country is facing the problems of social injustice, various faces of communalism, economical desperation, and porn literature & drugs culture leading the increasing statics of sexual violence .He added that we have to struggle to let over come india from these problems, unto this it is impossible to dream for a peaceful and prosper India. Hundreds number of students and youth joined the gathering.


In evening 21st may Nangina chapter organized a student’s convention at scholar school. National president Asfaq shareef sb presided over the program. During his presidential remark asked to students community to be united against polarization of society on the basis of casts, religions and languages .national secretary Masihuzzama Ansari sb. called for struggle against social injustice and women violence ‘and drugs culture .zonal president Nazeerul hasan khan remarked that the struggle for social changes towards the higher moral values is the need for a peaceful and just society .During his welcoming words Zonal secretary Mohd kafeel faridi introduced to house from the aims and objectives of organization. Hundreds of students joined the convention.


19th may 2014, a student’s gathering were arranged by kakrala chapter of up west in community hall. National president SIO of India Ashfaq Shareef sb owned the president chair. Zonal president Nazeerul Hasan khan introduced to house from the organization`s services in the” students help sector”. At during the guest lecture, national secretary Masihuzzaman Ansari remark on the nature of education system.He added that contemporary education system is casting various types of professionals and skilled labour, but not shaping good characters and responsible civilians .Ashfaq Shareef sb added in his presidential words that the atheist nature of education is shaping selfish characters, consequently the high profile crimes as education mafia, prostitution scandals, human trafficking ,political crimes selective sex abortion etc are growing speedy and functioning in very organize manner. He added too, that it is the collective duty of students community to redefine education in the words of social objective to shape the responsible characters.A great number of youths were gathered there.







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