New Delhi: SIO strongly condemns the recent invocation of NSA by Kamal Nath government in Madhya Pradesh. SIO National President Labeed Shafi said that the invocation of NSA for alleged illegal cattle transportation is unjustified, disproportionate and uncalled for. This is unprecedented and sets a new standard for misuse of the NSA. This lends credibility to cow politics and provides justification for cow vigilantism. All this is happening due to the pressure from the hate agenda of the Hindutva politics, Labeed Shafi further observed.

The detention of five people under the National Security Act in Madhya Pradesh, all of them in connection with alleged offences related to cattle laws, amounts to gross misuse of a law meant solely to prevent activities that endanger the country’s security or public order.

NSA and other preventive detention laws have used carelessly in the last few years to punish political dissenters or to show adherence to majoritarian beliefs. The Congress government in Madhya Pradesh has been elected with a mandate to reverse these trends, and public support for it will quickly evaporate if it continues to indulge in such craven appeasement politocs. In this regard SIO demands the amendment of the NSA to limit its misuse and do away with the draconian and anachronistic nature of the NSA, as it currently is. Further, the government should take steps to prevent fanning of hate, as it is antithetical to the very nature of plural India.

Department of Media, SIO of India.

Syed Ahmed Ali (National Secretary)
Email: [email protected]