New Delhi: SIO also takes strong objection to the way a Republic TV crew provoked students at the AMU campus, calling them a ‘university of terrorists’ in their own campus. A short while after this incident armed activists of ABVP and BJP youth wing protesting against AMU Students Union gathered before the campus gate and created a riot-like situation, reportedly even opening fire at one point.
Instead of booking the ABVP activists for their criminal activities the Aligarh police have filed a false case of sedition against 14 students of AMU, including two former union leaders who were not even present in Aligarh at the time!
SIO strongly condemns this partisan and biased action of the Aligarh police and demands the revocation of the false case against 14 students of AMU. We also demand that the police must book the activists of ABVP and BJP Yuva morcha who were involved in creating a riot-like situation in the AMU campus.
From Department of Media, SIO of India