Witnessing a sudden spurt in communal hatred in the past couple of years Student’s Islamic Organization, SIO Maharashtra South decided to take a bold step. The Zonal Advisory Council (ZAC), in Feb 2015 decided to celebrate the multi-cultural aspect of our country under the banner “We for Constructive Thoughts” (V4CT). To raise the social fabric of India to new heights. To cleanse the air of the foul smell of communalism. To fight against the hate mongers. Brigding the gap between communities and religions in India. SIO Maharashtra South Zone decided to induce balanced thought in the youth and to shun extremism.

Falling back on the proverb “Prevention is better than cure” SIO cadre spread across the state through its huge network of students to instill love and affection for all communities in the youth community. Inter faith dialogues to constructive visionary lectures, development models to educational revamp ,discussing core issues shared by all to finding their possible solutions everything was on the agenda.

Through a 10 day campaign spread across Maharashtra SIO planned numerous lectures, seminars,conferences and symposiums at various city universities alongside the meetings with dignitaries to help achieve inter-community bond building at a faster pace. From the Cheif Minister of Maharashtra to the Education Minister. From the Maharashtra police commissioner to the Maharashtra ATS cheif we made sure our voice spread far and wide.