Book of Abstracts Release by SIO at Press club of India
The Ongoing creative involvement of the scholarly zeal in Islamic Academic discourses offers solid crystallization of progressive ideas. Needless to say, triggering such waves spread the subsequent intellectual current. For stimulating that, Sio has come up with the India International Islamic Academic Conference (IIIAC), which aims to focus the objectives under three main themes: “Islamic Epistemology”, ” Identity Formation: Nation State, Civil Society and Islam” and “Civilizational Discourses in the light of Maqasid al-Sharia”. Envisaging a stage for gathering to crack the hard nut shells of ideas, this conference seeks to encourage the emergence of deep creative centers, which would turn out to be the critical helpers of developing vibrant scholarships. Indeed such scholarship fills up the lacuna of pragmatic approach in policy making through developing new methodological tools which would be able to heal the mind blogging discrimination and spine-chilling atrocities and provide comforting reassurance on installing social justice. It let our minds open and receptive for knowledge which emphasizes the practical implications, ensuring social and economic emancipation, by exploring the present social edifice and order.

This conference hopefully will debate it under the higher intents and objectives of Islamic law in the host environment which will subsequently end up in evolving and exploring new discourses and accelerate the academics to inexplicable heights. Inviting global eminent intellectuals and expert researchers it will include the sessions to spur ideas on the themes from diverse lines of thoughts to share, collaborate and learn. We hope that you will find the lectures useful and gratifying and we wish that you share your contribution with us to help advance the knowledge on these vital issues. We thank and appreciate your presence for engaging in this expanding global academic experience which helps us to be more productive and provide us with the hope in the future.

Themes of the Conference:

Islamic Epistemology

  1. Foundations of Islamic Epistemology
  2. Engaging Epistemological Discourses
  3. Placing context in Knowledge Tradition
  4. Islamic Perspective on Research Methodology

Identity Formation: Nation State, Civil Society and Islam

  1. Nations Re-imagined: Issues of Citizenship
  2. Nation and Nationalism: Exclusion and Inclusion
  3. Categories of Discrimination: Race, Caste, Gender and Minority
  4. Islamic liberation theology :Retrospect and Prospects
  5. Recapitulating Debates: Ummah , Khilāfah, Islamism, Plurality and Nationhood

 Civilizational Discourses in the Light of Maqāsid’alShari’a

  1. Contemplation on Law and Ethics
  2. Developmental Ethics: an Islamic Perspective
  3. Science and Technology: Theoretical and Practical Implications
  4. Inclusive Economic Development
  5. Contemporary approaches to Islamic Jurisprudence

SIO of India pleased to invite you to attend India international Islamic academic conference (IIIAC), which will be held at India Islamic Cultural Centre in New Delhi on8th and 9th October 2016. It offers a forum for academic exchange of knowledge and skills related to the broad field of prescribed themes, Over 210 extended abstracts were submitted, from more than 10 countries. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn from extraordinary nationally and internationally acknowledged speakers via presentations including expert talks, panels, and paper sessions. The contributions of international attendees such as you enrich the program through enhancing the diversity of perspectives and content represented. All attendants value the opportunity to learn from and with their international colleagues.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if I may be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the conference Organizing Committee at [email protected]