“Beyond the smoke!” Campaign against Drugs by SIO Delhi

SIO Delhi concludes state-wide Anti-Drug Campaign “Beyond the smoke!” at Jamia Nagar Thane

“Youths are the most precious asset of a nation. The tragedy today is that today’s youths have no great purpose in life. They have no sense of social responsibility as well. In absence of these two they easily fall prey to drugs, liquor, and tobacco are ruin their life.” These thoughts were expressed by Khan Yasir, State President (Students Islamic Organisation of India, Delhi). He also quoted that millions of lives are lost annually due to intoxication yet governments are not serious in fighting the social menace. He also shared the experiences on the last week’s efforts by SIO cadres while conducting the awareness campaign and survey. As Quran enjoins Muslims to spread virtues and fight vices, he said, it’s our responsibility as a Muslim to ensure a drug-free, alcohol-free and tobacco-free society. Earlier, Mohd. Waqar Ali (Campaign In-Charge) introduced SIO and the activities that were conducted throughout Delhi in the campaign after Asad Mazhar Falahi recited the Quranic verses on prohibition of liquor.

In his talk Mr. Mangesh Tyagi (SHO, Jamia Nagar Thane) argued that 60 to 70 percent crimes are done under the influence of drugs, liquor and other intoxicating substances. He was speaking on the theme, “Intoxication and Crime.” He said that if we could ensure a drug-free society then police may concentrate on more constructive tasks in the society and would be able to play a positive role in social upliftment. He congratulated the youths of SIO for their constructive efforts in this regard and ensured the support of Delhi Police for such noble causes in future as well.

It should be noted that SIO Delhi’s anti-drug campaign on the theme “See beyond the smoke!” was launched from October 12, 2015. The aim of the campaign was to create awareness about the hazardous effects of intoxication on individual and society and to spread the message that quitting is not only desirable but also possible. “Madni Model of de-addiction” was highlighted throughout the campaign. In short SIO, through this campaign, urged the youths TO SEE BEYOND THE SMOKESCREEN OF TEMPORARY-PLEASURES and instead of wasting their energies concentrate on constructive tasks in the society.

Master Abdul Waheed (Ameer e Halqa, JIH Delhi) concluded the program with his enlightening speech. He highlighted the hypocrisy and dual policies of governments when it comes to take concrete steps to discourage alcohol and smoking industry. He elaborated upon how Islam dealt with the problem of addiction to alcohol in prophetic times and what lessons should we learn from the same. He categorically said that unless and until every person feels himself answerable towards Allah the problem of intoxication cannot be eradicated from the society.