Police Brutality on Protestors Against Blasphemy is Appalling

by | Jun 11, 2022

We are appalled by the high-handed handling of protests against BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal’s blasphemous remarks by the police across the country. The police brutality, especially in Ranchi and Allahabad, has resulted in multiple deaths and injuries. It was disturbing to watch the police under various state governments violently lathicharge and open fire on protestors with impunity. It has once again exposed the deep-rooted Islamophobia, communalism and cruelty of the Indian state apparatus.

While those who used sacrilegious language against Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him continue to enjoy patronage and protection from the state and the police, hundreds of Muslims across the country have been indiscriminately booked and arrested on trumped-up charges. The houses of those accused of violence are being demolished without due process. There’s not even a semblance of rule of law and impartiality in the way the police are operating.

We are especially dismayed by the illegal arrest of Social Activist Javed Mohammad and the harassment of his family members, including women and children, late at night in Allahabad. The charges against him are completely bogus and absurd. This is nothing but the state’s tried and tested tactic of exploiting unrelated incidents to clamp down on activists and people who ask tough questions. We saw this in Delhi, we saw this during CAA, we are seeing this again and again, and too often.

It’s evident that the Hindutva forces are deliberately trying to provoke Muslims and foment social unrest in the country. Emboldened by the government’s inaction and aided by unethical media, they have unleashed a torrent of hate speech and abuse, particularly designed to denigrate the laArge Muslim population of India and their beliefs.

While we must fight the proliferation of hate in the country and protect the lives and dignity of the minorities, we should be vary of these attempts to instigate. The resistance requires discipline. We should remain steadfast and peaceful. There should be no place for violence in our protests and demonstrations. We won’t let the fascists succeed in their objective of polarising the society and hurting the Muslim community.


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