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Public programme on Politics of Terror Myth & Realities organized by SIO Karnataka

SIO organised public programme on Politics of Terror Myth & Realities at 5 different cities of Karnataka from 18th september to 24th september. Mangalore, Hubli, Davangere, Bijapur & Gulbarga.​ Mr. Ajit Sahi ( Senior journalist & Political analyst) was the Chief Guest.

“Poore Hindustan mein police se badaattankwadnahihai. There are no greater terrorists in the entire country save the police. It is they who implicate tribals, Dalits and Muslims in false cases. They claim that they killed suspected Naxals and arrest Muslims in terror cases, and the entire country believes it,” said senior journalist and political analyst AjitSahi.Delivering the keynote address at a seminar on ‘Politics of Terror: Myths and Reality’ organized by the SIO Karnataka, he said that the system of our country was terrorist in itself. In the past 15 years, no state has remained in India where the government or the police have not implicated innocent citizens in false cases of terrorism. And in hundreds of cases, these innocents are Muslims. Tribals, Dalits and Muslims are mostly implicated in false cases due to prejudice against them in the police, in politics, in media, in prosecution and in the society, he said.
“We think that Congress is a secular party, but innocent Muslims are trapped in false cases in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh even in Congress-ruled states. For vote-bank, both BJP and Congress have been dividing the Hindus and Muslims in the country,” he said.
Speaking on the ways how politicians used the issue of terrorism to make money, he said that the matter of internal security of India was an industry worth trillions of dollars. Claiming that citizens face danger from terrorist elements in the country, politicians spend crores of money on themselves. The highest amount of corruption and deceit exists in the industry dealing with internal security, where politicians try to deceive people that weaponry is necessary for India’s internal security, he said, adding that money was spent more on the country’s defence than for providing clean drinking water to all.
Recounting several examples detailing how the political and police system worked together to implicate innocent citizens in false terror cases, MrSahi explained how the alleged terror organisation SIMI came to be banned. He also spoke about cases where innocents were killed by Gujarat police in fake encounters.
The entire show was a planned conspiracy of political classes and the police. All cases implicating youth in terror cases are false and all evidence is fake, he said, condemning the judges of lower courts for convicting youth based on false evidence concocted by the police.
Speaking on the myths connected to terrorism, he said that the terrorism in India was the biggest fraud that was forced on us. Hundreds of youth are falsely implicated and thrown in jails in terror-related cases. The solution does not lie with judiciary, lies in political campaign, he said, calling on the gathering to bring awareness among people on the reality of terrorism.

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