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Interaction with State Patron Maharashtra: SIO Aurangabad

Aurangabad: Members and Associates of SIO Aurangabad City had a healthy interaction with Ameer e Halqa (State President) JIH Maharashtra, He Motivated the Cadre on Various issues, and Members of Aurangabad City. On being asked various questions, He answered and satisfied the cadre, He said Students and Youth are very vital part of Islamic Movement and play a crucial role in Revolutions. He also guided and suggested some practical aspect for Tazkiya and Tarbiyat and motivated the cadre to  sacrifice and contribute for Islamic Movement.

Maulana shares so many Practical experiences, when he was at Markaz Delhi as a National President SIO and also at Markaz Jamaat. Maulana said aim of education and also the selection procedure of career should be relevant to the need of Islamic Movement. And our Students should not study only for the sake of corporate packages. He said he was satisfied with the activities and happy to see the faces of SIO cadre from different campuses of Aurangabad. The interaction comes to an end with the DUA by Ameere Halqa. 

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