SIO Saboo Siddik Unit a campus unit of SIO Mumbai Division organized an event named Youth4Morality at the college’s Annual Gathering on 17th of Feb 2014 to promote moral values among the students. The volunteers of SIO distributed introductory pamphlets which conveyed the message of the event to the students. “Youths should accept modernism by undergoing it through the filteration process of Moralism”, said Mr. Suhaib Shahab, Campus President of SIO Saboo Siddik unit during the opening ceremony of MoralBook which is a wall of Expression for the students to express their views. Opening of the MoralBook was done by a Senior Professor Mr. Shoeb, he appreciated this innovative event and shared some words on Morality and finally the first comment on the MoralBook was updated by him followed by GS of the college. A total of 2000 pamphlets were distributed among the students and teachers. Within few hours many students wrote their comments on the Moralbook.Pamphlets_distribution_Y4M