New Delhi: We strongly condemn police brutality against the spontaneous and democratic uprising of all people against the government’s attack on equal citizenship. The extrajudicial killing of Jaleel, Nousheen and Vakeel in Mangalore and Lucknow, as well as resorting to force against protesters in other parts of the country, must be condemned by all in one voice and the police must be held accountable.

The truth is that the people of India have rejected BJP’s attempt at instituting a Hindutva citizenship regime. To counter these protests the government has no answer but to resort to brutal and disproportionate use of force against democratic protesters. The reprehensible attack of police inside Jamia and AMU campuses is the clearest evidence that the government has no answer to the questions of students. We must also beware of the false cases and persecution against students and others taking part in the protest. We especially reject the false allegations made against students of Jamia and AMU, who have faced the brunt of police atrocities and are now being made the target of prosecutorial violence. We shall stand by each and every one of these students and extend all manner of help and support to them.

The case registered against our member and student of Jamia Asif Iqbal is completely false and only meant to intimidate, threaten and punish him for his work and his spirit of service. Asif has been our member and an active student of Jamia, and we are well aware of all his activities. We completely reject and deny the notion that he could be involved in any criminal or violent activity. We also know the two other students, Chanda Yadav and Kasim, named in the FIR and have worked with them in Jamia, and we are convinced that the case is nothing but an attempt to punish them for their commendable activism.