New Delhi: The first industrial accident killed more than 10 people and at least 1,000 fell sick at the gas leak in LG Polymer Plant at R Venkatapuram village of Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, which affected both human and animals lives as cattle and birds were also knocked unconscious by the gas leak.

To make its products the plant uses raw material styrene, which is highly flammable and releases a poisonous gas when burnt. Knowing this, how did the government permit industries in the midst of densely populated area without any safety measures?

This incident once again raises the question of the improper maintenance of chemicals in the industry.
The heart-wrenching scenes of the incident brought back the memory of the Bhopal gas tragedy incident, which took place in 1984, and which is considered to be one of the world’s worst industrial disasters.

In a similar tragedy, as per the sources, seven workers fell ill after inhaling gas while cleaning an open tank whereas three were admitted to hospital in critical condition.

On the same day, the third incident reported that eight people received burn injuries at a boiler blast at a thermal power plant in Tamil Nadu.

We Demand an immediate and impartial investigation into the cause of this man-made tragedy and the perpetrators be brought to justice. The affected population must be rehabilitated and adequately compensated for their loss.

Our thoughts & prayers are with the people who have lost their loved ones. We wish a speedy recovery to all those who are injured.