New Delhi: SIO of India organised National Campus Committee meeting at its Headquarters. Br Syed Azharuddin (General secretary, SIO of India) inaugurated and Br Shabeer CK (National Secretary, SIO of India) presided over the meeting. National Secretaries Br Abuthalha Abdal, Fawaz Shaheen, and Maaz Salman Maniyar also addressed the meeting.

SIO National Campus Committee (NCC) has resolved to strive against anti-student, anti-democratic atmosphere in the campuses with both political and legal measures. As democratic campus atmosphere and space for freedom of expression of the students are being curtailed in our country, NCC in its meeting decided to stand for a democratic atmosphere where everyone could express their opinions and engage in ideological debates.

Further, it was resolved that the Campuses should follow the system of forming students’ unions through the elections, as it was observed that more exploitation and violence on students are taking place in campuses where Student Unions and associations are not allowed. In this regard, SIO had decided that it will strive with all possible legal means against campuses violating directions of Lingdo commission and Supreme court.
Also, if required it will lead strong protests in this regard along with all social sects in this struggle for justice.

Department of Media, SIO of India.
Syed Ahmed Ali (National Secretary)
Email: [email protected]