SIO seeks action against Rajasthan textbooks linking Islam with terrorism

by | Mar 17, 2021

SIO Sawai Madhopur Unit, along with other social organisations, have demanded action against those responsible for Islamophobic content in a Rajasthan Government textbook as well as a reference book published by a private publisher.

In a chapter titled ‘Terrorism, Criminalization of Politics and Corruption’, the class 12 Political Science textbook published by Rajasthan State Textbook Committee, Jaipur has two questions that use the term ‘Islamic Terrorism’ – a subjective question asking ‘What do you understand by Islamic Terrorism?’ and an objective question ‘Which among these is not an objective of Islamic Terrorism?’. 

The answers provided to these questions in a ‘pass book’ or answer guide to the textbook published by Jaipur-based Sanjeev Prakashan directly linked Islam with terrorism. ‘Islamic terrorism is nothing but a form of Islam’, the book has falsely claimed.

Sanjeev Parakashan Pass Book

SIO and others submitted a memorandum to the education minister Govind Singh Dotasara through Sawai Madhopur district collector, demanding action against the writers, textbook committee, editors and publishers of the demeaning text. “Linking Islam with terrorism and using the term ‘Islamic terrorism’ creates an atmosphere of hatred towards Islam, maligns the religion and hurts the sentiments of Muslims students and the community. It’s also a danger to the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the country,” reads the letter.

Earlier, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Rajasthan had conducted a press conference in Jaipur about the issue. Representatives of JIH also met with the publisher Sanjeev Prakashan and conveyed their objection to the text. They also government and police officials to initiate criminal action against the culprits. 

Soon after, the publisher issued an apology to JIH Rajasthan and informed that they have stopped the sale of the book. They said that they will recall the copies of the books from wholesalers and pulp them.

Apology Letter from Sanjeev Prakashan


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