SIO of India expresses deep concern over the suspicious encounter of 8 accused SIMI members who were under Judicial Trial and allegedly escaped the high security Central jail of Bhopal by murdering a Jail Guard as mentioned in the police statement. As the jail is equipped with the 7 tier Security System of International Standards, fleeing of these 8 accused in a dramatic manner has raised some serious apprehensions on the fact of matter.
” Is it possible for the accused to scale over 30 feet high wall of the most secure jail in MP? How were the weapons accessible to them? Biased statements on whether or not they had weapons? How did they get new clothes, watches and bands? If they had connections to get weapons, why couldn’t they get a vehicle to escape? Why no policeman was injured in the retaliation of ‘encounter’? Why were the CCTVs not functioning? How come all of them moved together rather than dispersing and couldn’t go considerably further in eight hours”? ‘
According to the lawyer of the accused, the case against his clients was very weak and there was every likelihood that they would be acquitted soon. Therefore they had no reason to escape from prison. Adding to it, when the statement comes from Kiran Rijuji – State Minister for Home affairs, ordering not to question the Administration and police made the event more suspicious. Therefore SIO of India demands a free and fair investigation of the whole matter as to how the accused could escape from such a high security central jail in Bhopal. We also demand a high level enquiry under the supervision of the Supreme Court in order to bring out all the facts about the jailbreak and encounter.